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Winter Activities


Downhill skiing


The Bohemaland area's base is represented by a four-seat DOPPELMAYR cableway of a capacity of 2400 people per hour ensuring skiing without waiting or queues. The overall length of downhill courses is 1250 m from the departure station Edelštejn (654 above sea level) to the starting station Zlaté Hory (480 above sea level) with the overall elevation of 175 metres. In the upper part, one can ski on 60 metres wide Edelštejn (654 above sea level) - Zlaté louky (521 above sea level) downhill course, 800 metres long with the elevation of 134m.


Slopes are artificially snowed up with snow cannons and ARECO poles which warrant exceptional snow conditions. Regular evening skiing is possible thanks to downhill courses' illumination. Ski slopes' surface is conditioned daily by means of efficient KÄSSBOHRER 2000 device. Overall ski level in this area can hardly be overcome in the whole Jeseníky. There are ski service and ski lending office in the area. It is possible to use services of the ski school, ski pre-school for children or snowboarding lessons.


Since 2008/09 ski season, there will be the second cableway in operation, connected to the current one leading to Příčná (974 above sea level) peak. The cableway of the same capacity as the existing one will be more than 1200 metres long with the elevation of 332 metres. Two downhill courses will be available - the red one, about 1300 metres long and the blue one, almost 2 km long. Downhill courses' width of 40 - 70 metres will ensure convenient and safe skiing. The artificial snowing up is also taken into account here. The construction of a snow-park on Příčná mountain ridge intended for the snowboarding only is a part of the project, as well.


Cross-country skiing


Cross-country favourers have a wide scale of choice of marked tracks of a different difficulty level and length heading directly from the Bohemaland area:


- Bohema-Hadí louky: 2 km circuit for modest

- Bohema-Hadí louky-Údolí ztracených štol a zpět: new marked track heading to Hornický skanzen

- Bohema-Křížová cesta-pilgrimage church of P. Marie Pomocná - Bohema : 8 km track with steeper uprising

- Bohema-Zlodějské louky-Táborské skály-Příčna Mt. ridge (974 above sea level) - Edelštejn - Bohema : 14 km track following the mining nature trail across the ruins of the medieval Edelštejn castle


It is further possible to use perfect cross-country tracks from Rejvíz (15 km from the area)


- Rejvíz-Starý Rejvíz-Horní Údolí-Křížek-Zlodějské louky-Bohema: 18 km track, partly conditioned

- Rejvíz-Zlatý chlum(observation tower)-Čertovy kameny-Jeseník


The other option for exacting cross-country skiers may be the 'Transjesenická magistrála' route leading along ridges and renowned chalets of the Jeseníky mountains:

Ramzovské sedlo-Šerák-Vřesová studánka-Červenohorské sedlo-Švýcárna-Ovčárna-Skřítek (total 38 km)


Ice - Skating


Do not forget to pack also ice-skates on your winter holiday. Ice-Rink in downtown Zlaté Hory (approx. 10 min. drive) is during wither season daily available to customers.






















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