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Finnish sauna

The relaxation in sauna will come in handy after the spent in activity. There is a modern sauna with a cooling pool and restroom in the basement of the main building of the Bohemaland complex, directly in the opposite of the apartment.







Water massage bathtubs

Use wonderful relaxation in original Canadian BEACHCOMBER water massage pools. Massage pools are situated outside and they are in operation 365 days a year. They are filled with warm water and they have heating and filtration on their own. Asides from the fact they are helpful in regenerating the stamina after a demanding day, they also improve blood circulation, dampen a pain and relieve muscles of the whole body.





Masseur's services can be arranged to the specific hour at Bohemaland area's reception or at sauna's staff.


Fitness centre

Newly equipped fitness centre is placed in the main building of the Bohemaland area and it enables condition training in several phases.










Speleotherapy is a set of curative methods whose basis consists in the usage of underground environment microclimate. This is generally represented by solution caves, eventually other underground premises. This spa curative technique can be used in the nearby sanatorium Edel Zlaté Hory (approx. 3 km from the apartment) after prior arrangement via phone call (phone no.: 420 584 425 327). The speleotherapy takes place in reconstructed mining construction with 1600 m of underground passages of a maximum depth of 93 m under the surface and year-long temperature of 7-8oC. One stay in the cavern microclimate takes 180 minutes and 10-15 visits are recommended for the optimal curative effect. The stay in the underground is perceived very positively by the majority of patients. The rate of speleotherapy success is high. The sickness figure and necessity for medicaments usage is decreased at the majority of patients. There is no evidence for a negative influence of the speleotherapy. More information on


Disco and bar

The disco hall linked to the Fortuna bar in the main building of the Bohemaland area situated only a few metres from the apartment offers the place for evening gatherings and dance-rhythms fans.





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